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Welcome to Baan Denmark e-shop

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Here you have the opportunity to order all products from our catalog.
You will be guided through the entire procedure step by step
along with a brief description of our products.
You can always go back and change your order at any time.

When raw dough is baked, some liquid will evaporate.
This liquid is not part of the product prices.
This is because we have our own water drilling.
Not all of the bread evaporated equally, so the weight may vary slightly.

The following products weigh before baking:
White bread 700 grams
Rye bread 1520 grams
Big size buns 100 grams, Medium size buns 75 grams
Yeast dough cakes 1000 grams

750 baht has been set aside for packing and shipping up to 10 Kg.
Overpaid will be sendt back or transfered to your account, for use in the next order.

I ask you kindly for pay forward, if you order is bigger than 2000 baht before shipping.
(2750 baht incl Shipping)

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