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writen by:  Mikael Mølskov Hansen   writen at: 30-04-2021 08:12:44

Napoleon hats
Then Napoleon hats come in stock.
Some of them have probably been in the war.
But sure tastes just as good, if not better.

Price 45 baht Per each, 75 grams.


writen by:  Mikael Mølskov Hansen   writen at: 29-04-2021 10:28:58

Coconut Cake
Very nice cake in category Dry cake.
This cake is absolutely not dry..

(#5205) Coconut Cake ฿. 45,00,- ฿. 40,50,-
I will keep all dry cake on stock as possible.


writen by:  Mikael Mølskov Hansen   writen at: 24-04-2021 05:35:43

Fresh bread All time!!
How does it sound in your ear that the more I produce, the cheaper I can sell the products.
Especially when I encourage people to buy a little but often..
A little but often provides fresh food all the time.
As many of you probably know, we are setting up Solar panel systems.
That means we get "free" electric. it just costs just about 50,000 baht to close up. (DIV)
In this way I can make bread and cakes and put it in freezers immediately after baking.
So when you get the item home and thawed, you have fresh bread.

We expect a finished plant by the end of 2022
We need a total of about 6000 Watts.

it is:
6 batteries of 12 Volt 85 AMP.
each battery must be powered by 3 x 175 Watt solar panels.

Already now we have 75% free Electricity.


writen by:  Mikael Mølskov Hansen   writen at: 23-01-2021 12:20:51

All Wholemeal Whitebread have 10% discount.
Until Sungran 2021

(#1103) Wholemeal Bread ฿. 60,00,- ฿. 54,00,-

(#1104) Farmerbread ฿. 65,00,- ฿. 58,00,-


writen by:  Mikael Mølskov Hansen   writen at: 23-01-2021 12:20:11

New Blog
A brand new Blog has been created..
Everything that is going on ar interesting news will be posted here..
If you are a member of Baan Denmark, you can leave a comment at any time.
you can also create new records yourself.
there is only one rule..
Talk nicely, to, with and about others..


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